Oryana “Cheese Madness” Campaign

advertising, illustration

The Facebook event header image created for Oryana’s Cheese Madness promotion.

In March 2019, Oryana Community Co-op decided to embrace their collective lack of sports knowledge/enthusiasm, and instead turn March Madness into a celebration of something they could really get behind; cheese.

The resulting advertising campaign and in-store communications programme was just as whimsical; I used stock imagery to create an image of a cheese wheel flying through a basketball hoop, and combined Neutraface (Oryana’s primary type family) with a custom script for the ad line. This was replicated by hand on chalk signage, along with a bracket system which displayed the result of weekly cheese-on-cheese contests (decided by popular vote during daily tastings).

Hand-lettered and illustrated chalk “bracket” signage created to emulate the print & digital advertisements, which was displayed in-store and updated regularly during the promotion.

When the sixteen “contenders” had been pared down to a single winner, the person who had made the best guess at the contest results took home eight pounds of cheese; I still regret not making an entry.