Oryana 2018 Annual Report

print work

Oryana is proud of the emphasis it places on local products (produce in particular); I was fortunate to have access to a robust selection of photo assets which featured local farmers.

Every year at their General Ownership Meeting, Oryana Community Co-op provides attendees with print materials containing some kind of year-end financial information from the previous fiscal year.

Until 2018, those print materials had largely consisted of 8.5 x 11″ sheets of paper stapled in the upper-left corner. Creating a more intentionally-arranged, half page saddle stitch booklet fulfilled one of the Marketing Manager’s long-time goals, and gave me an enjoyable project.

The full-bleed photographs shown below, with a few exceptions, were pulled from a collection of photos we’d commissioned from Allen Kent Photo; the curvature of the Oryana oval logo was used to create the border between content and imagery.

The extra little “apron” of white space on certain spreads was perfect for captions.

I wanted to foster a sort of back-and-forth reciprocity between spreads; because of this, the image-to-content ratio alternates as the pages turn.

Much of the layout needed to be devised before the content was ready; as a result, the design was “flexed” pretty heavily in places, where information was either more or less plentiful than anticipated. It was also Oryana’s first year publishing quite so many numbers…which meant several rounds of last-minute changes from the accounting department.

The income statement page, opposite the “balance sheet” page…both of these were subject to several rounds of last-minute revision.