Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Network Logo

logo design

The re-designed Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Network logo, applied to stationary.

In one of my final semesters of school, my peers and I were assigned pro-bono work with local nonprofits. The Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Network — an organization championing the arts and connecting artists with resources in a 10-county area in Northwest Michigan — was one such client. They had a logo which they felt was recognizable, but which also appeared dated and did not include their full name. I worked with a group of three other students to create new designs. The one above (which I created) was ultimately chosen, in part because it was less of a departure from the original.

I submitted a second design which also made it into the final round, but was passed over; you can view that one here (link coming soon).

The original NW MI Arts logo (left), shown alongside the updated version (right).