NMC Magazine Call for Submissions Graphics

advertising, print work

This type composition was displayed on posters, table tents, postcards, and television screens across the Northwestern Michigan College Campus, as well as being shared to social media.

Twice a year (Pre-COVID, at least), the NMC Magazine publishes an issue of student-created art and literature, which they distribute free of charge throughout the Traverse City community. At the beginning of each semester, the Design Staff create a Call for Submissions (CFS) poster and supporting graphics to be displayed around campus. Often, these designs need to be executed before the look & feel of the upcoming issue has been established.

The Spring 2020 theme (the last semester I spent at NMC) was “Bootleg.” It was partially a reference to the 1920s, and partially a reference to things being cobbled-together, improvised, or otherwise unconventionally-obtained; whether out of creativity, or out of need. As the publication’s joint Design Editor, I created the above graphics in addition to the CFS print material layouts.

Wood-block type was the primary inspiration for this typographic composition. Several of the typefaces used were from the Hamilton Wood Type foundry. The ramshackle, crammed-together, distressed aesthetic was crafted in response to the CFS copy, which was developed by the Literary Staff.

The full CFS poster; this design was adapted for table tents, and for display on campus monitors.

When Michigan’s Coronavirus lockdowns began in earnest (mid-March 2020), the publication was shelved until the following semester, at which point I was no longer attending Northwestern Michigan College.