Hohner Heritage Advertisement

advertising, illustration

A mock single-page ad for Hohner Harmonicas.

I’m a long-time user of Hohner Harmonicas. They last a long time, and they sound great. I’ve ordered a number of vintage German models, which (although they typically come in well-loved boxes with original, bavarian-esque artwork) are all perfectly playable; I even prefer some of the vintage harps to the new ones.

Those vintage boxes are a large part of what inspired this ad. Leaning on the company’s long history as a maker of quality products, this hand-drawn advertisement was designed to evoke tradition and artistry; the old-fashioned illustration is offset by the torn corner, which reveals contemporary typography and Hohner’s current mark, with the improvised slogan “letting you carry a tune since 1857.” The same slogan is hand-lettered on the heritage portion of the ad in German (although I later discovered that my translation left something to be desired).

Advertisement detail. All of the lettering and imagery on the “parchment” portion of the ad was drawn by hand.

Note: this project was undertaken as a college assignment (and for my own personal pleasure), and was not commissioned or utilized by Hohner.