Green Grocer Initiative Logo

logo design

One of several logo concepts presented for Oryana’s Green Grocer Initiative project; this one took 1st place in the Logo Wave Awards in Fall 2020. It was also featured in an article on logo design by Design Rush.

Oryana Community Co-op, like many food cooperatives, has long held environmental stewardship to be one of its core tenets. In fact, it’s right in their mission statement: “…to provide high-quality food produced in ecologically sound ways at fair value to owners and the community.” It’s reflected in their product buying guidelines, their relationships with their local vendors, their education/outreach materials, and in the construction of their building and surrounding amenities.

In 2017, I was asked to design a logo for the co-op’s sustainable building initiatives. Their green roof gazebo, rain barrels, solar panels, and recycled building materials were a few notable examples. The process involved the entire marketing team (of which I was a part), in addition to the General Manager. The above is one of the marks that didn’t make the final cut, although it was one of the final contenders, and has always been a personal favorite.

A few of the earlier steps along the development route of this project.

There were many, many different different concepts and iterations presented for this project, and the final few were very different from the first ones. Neutraface and Brandon Grotesque were common-sense typeface choices, as they were Oryana’s primary and secondary typefaces, respectively.

In Fall 2020, several iterations of the Green Grocer Initiative logo were entered in the Logo Wave Awards. This one took 1st Place, earning Signet Design Co. a $1,000 prize, a custom trophy, and accolades spanning several different social media channels.