Chamber Advocacy Logo

logo design

The reversed (light-on-dark) version of the Chamber Advocacy logo, applied to stationary.

In early 2019, I worked with the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce (now Traverse Connect) to refine their visual assets. This included re-working the organization’s main logo, and the creation of several additional logos to represent Chamber sub-programs. Chamber Advocacy, the organization’s government relations arm, was one of those programs.

Of all the work I created for the Chamber that spring, this logo is probably my favorite. The isometric light-and-shadow treatment of the column felt very successful, and it has a straightforwardly-institutional look & feel. The outer holding shape and the way it incorporates the pillar is a unique visual solution which added coherence and solidity to the mark, and could easily have found application elsewhere within the sub-brand. Regrettably, due to some major organizational changes made by the Chamber that same year, it was never used.

Since the rendering of this mark relied heavily on the appearance of light and shadow, creating the reversed (light-on-dark) version required some adjustments, as can be seen below. I actually prefer the reversal.

The interaction between the holding shape and the column needed to be tweaked to create the reversed, or “knocked-out” version of the final logo.