Assorted Advertising for Oryana Community Co-op

advertising, print work

A full-page print ad from the 2019 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival program guide, created during my time as Interim Marketing Manager; we wanted the ad to be somewhat generic, while still touching on at least one of Oryana’s key differentiators. Variations of the same artwork have been run in several publications since. 

In my near-five years as an in-house designer for Oryana Community Co-op, I’ve created a large number of print and digital advertisements. Some were executions of a concept provided to me by the Marketing Manager; others were my own creation, from initial concept to final design, including copy. Here are a few highlights. Please note that most of the large-scale advertising campaigns I contributed to are covered in other entries; the ones shown here will be short, sweet, and discontiguous.

This half-page advertisement was placed in the 2019 National Writer’s Series program booklet; the aim of the copy was to provide a “literary” touchpoint that lead back to Oryana’s reputation for knowing their producers.
This click-through digital ad was placed in the Ticker (a local e-newsletter) prior to the 4th of July in 2018.