Apples on 8th Logo, Event Posters

advertising, logo design, print work

The top portion of the Apples on 8th event poster, featuring both the NOBO wordmark and the new Apples on 8th logo.

When the long-awaited re-opening of Traverse City’s 8th Street finally arrived in fall 2019, the North Boardman Lake District began organizing a celebration. They hoped to 1) bring traffic back to 8th Street businesses, and 2) encourage people to explore the street’s new infrastructure; a large part of the summer’s 8th Street reconstruction project had been making the corridor safer and more accessible for cyclists and pedestrians.

I was commissioned to create a number of assets in preparation for the event; an official wordmark for NOBO (an abbreviated version of North Boardman Lake District); a logo for the event itself, dubbed Apples on 8th, which the district hoped would recur annually; and a poster advertising the event, featuring both logos, the event date and time, and a small amount of copy.

The finished event poster. It was exciting to create something which featured three of my own logos (Apples on 8th, NOBO, and the North Boardman Lake District).

The project had a tight turnaround time, which made me all the more pleased when things came together well. The Apples on 8th logo was also furnished to Traverse City’s Downtown Development Authority, who used it to create a route map and other printed materials for the event. On the day of the event, the logo was featured in the Ticker, a local e-news platform.

Prior to this event, in 2017, I was given the opportunity to redesign the North Boardman Lake District’s main logo. You can read more about that project here!